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About Turkish Coffee Turkish coffee has been the most authentic and popular way of enjoying coffee for hundreds of millions of people living in Northeast Africa, the Arab Peninsula and Asia Minor. Coffee began spreading all over the world from this region in the 16th century. Turkish coffee's distinction starts...
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About Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee has been the most authentic and popular way of enjoying coffee for hundreds of millions of people living in Northeast Africa, the Arab Peninsula and Asia Minor. Coffee began spreading all over the world from this region in the 16th century.

Turkish coffee's distinction starts with the grinding and goes through the whole process until after it is consumed. It is brewed from the finest ground coffee and without filtration during the process. To enjoy Turkish coffee at its best, one coffee bean is cut into 15,000 to 35,000 pieces, whereas one bean is usually cut into 3,500 pieces for standard espresso. In the traditional way, Turkish coffee is brewed slowly in tiny coffee pots made of copper (called 'cezve' or 'ibrik') and poured manually into the coffee cups (called 'fincan'), which are produced specifically for the purpose and decorated with ornaments. Water and sweets, such as dried fruits and Turkish delight, accompany Turkish coffee when served.

Arzum Okka OK001 Turkish Coffee Machine | Coffee Machine | Coffee | automatic | 2 Medium cup capacity |

Arzum Okka Automatic Turkish Coffee Machine provides practicality at home or at work with its capacity of 2 cups and the doğrudan service directly to the cup işlev function. Thanks to direct cup service, you don't have to wait at the machine. Approved by its technology, the device always achieves the ideal consistency and provides an excellent coffee experience. Thanks to the slow cooking function, the product offers coffee pleasure in the embers. The Arzum coffee machine distributes the foam evenly to the cups and can be adapted to 3 different cup sizes. Full Taste Coffee Experience Cooking temperature can be increased or decreased as desired Longer cooking time and coffee experience at the touch of a button Cup size adjustment key Possibility to use small and large cups thanks to two-sided cup stand and waste water grid Stainless steel cooking chamber Technical Specifications Power (W): 710 W Color: Chrome Cup Capacity: 2 Water Tank: Yes Water Tank Capacity: 800 ml User Friendly Details Arzum automatic Turkish coffee machine, which offers single and double cup options, is appreciated with its easy-to-use details. The control panel supports the easy management of the device. Detecting the ideal cooking temperature allows you to capture the perfect taste anytime and anywhere. The product prepares your coffee in 1-2 minutes in the standard option and 4-5 minutes in the slow cooking option. The one-touch self-cleaning function ensures practicality. The cooking chamber lid, the water tank and the waste water tank are easily removed for further cleaning. In addition, overheating safety, automatic shut-off and water discharge safety increase your safety in the kitchen. Arzum Okka Automatic Turkish Coffee Machine appeals to your taste buds with its easy use. Box contents Arzum Okka Automatic Turkish Coffee Machine product box; automatic coffee machine, measuring spoon, user manual and warranty certificate. About Arzum Founded in 1966, Arzum now reaches 10 million homes in nearly 30 countries of the world. Small home appliances sector located between the Arzu Turkey's leading brands, increases comfort of your home with innovative technology. Arzum coffee machines always appeal to your taste with their easy use. You can experience a wholesome Turkish Coffee with “Arzum OKKA.. Arzum OKKA, with its direct cup service, brings an innovation to the 500-year-old coffee drinking tradition. Arzum OKKA automatic coffee machine offers the opportunity to make 500 years of traditional Turkish coffee in an ideal consistency and perfect taste. Arzum OKKA can be easily used at home and at work; has been equipped with new technologies to provide a full coffee experience.   Features of Arzum OKKA; It has a slow cooking button to give you the pleasure of coffee in the embers. By using this key; coffee can be cooked in a longer time and a more delicious coffee experience can be achieved. With its new technology, it distributes the froth of the coffee evenly to all cups. With the cup size adjustment button, the desired size can be selected from 3 different cup sizes and it provides the opportunity to drink coffee in the preferred cup. Single cup and double cup button options, 1 cup or 2 cups of coffee can be cooked. The size of the cup stand and the waste water grid are specially designed on both sides for the desired cup to be used. Thus, the higher side for small cups and the lower side for large cups can be used. One-button self-cleaning feature allows users to enjoy coffee.   In addition to all these features; With the stainless steel cooking chamber, the service provided to the users is ensured to be long-term and better quality. The ideal automatic boiling temperature detector ”system detects the ideal cooking temperature at the current location. Thus, it provides the opportunity to make the same excellent flavor of Turkish Coffee anywhere. It has the feature of “Serving directly to the cup için to ensure the convenience of making coffee without using coffee pots and waiting. The cooking temperature is designed to be increased or decreased as desired. When the Arzum OKKA needs to be cleaned thoroughly, the cooking chamber lid, water tank and waste water tank help the users as easily removable parts.   Technicial Specifications; Average Cooking Times; "Standard: 1-2 minutes", "Slow Cooking: 4-5 minutes" Supply: 220 v ~ 240 V, 50/60 Hz Power: 710 W Water Tank Capacity: 950 ml (800 ml) Capacity of Waste Water Tank: 350 ml Product Net Weight: 3.5 kg   Box contents; Inside the box; Arzum OKKA automatic coffee machine, Arzum OKKA spoon, user manual and warranty certificate. Desire- "You touch the changing world" Desire brand was established in Turkey in 1966. Today, it is moving towards becoming a world brand by reaching nearly 30 countries of the world. In 2001, by starting the 3-year warranty application; is the first brand in the industry to extend the warranty period. In 2014, Arzum OKKA, which revolutionized with the “direct cup service” feature, received the Reddot Award for automatic Turkish Coffee Machine.   Use of Arzum OKKA; Arzum OKKA is a product that can be used easily at home and at work. Operation can be started by turning the power switch on the back of the device to the on position. In order to use Arzum OKKA more efficiently, it is recommended to install and use it in accordance with the instruction manual after it is removed from the box.   How to make Arzum OKKA and OKKA Turkish Coffee? First, the water tank is filled to the maximum level with fresh cold water. Then add 1 Arzum OKKA measuring spoon (5-7 g) of freshly roasted and finely ground Turkish Coffee to each cup. Sugar can be added according to taste. Depending on the choice of 1 or 2 cups, the single or double cup cooking option on the control panel of Arzum OKKA is keyed. After the baking process is finished, it will be served directly to the cup which is placed on the ideal taste, frothy Turkish Coffee cup stand. If you are looking for a coffee machine that will provide you with the ideal consistency and excellent taste of Turkish Coffee; You can choose Arzum OKKA.

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My desire Whopping OK001W Automatic 120V Turkish/Greek Coffee Machine, White/Copper (Silver)
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